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Achievements are...

List of Achievements Edit

Name How to unlock Image
Bear Bane Terminate six bears in a single blow.
Achievements BearBane
Upperclass Build your first Mansion.
Achievements Upperclass
Ca-ching! Create your first Treasure Chest.
Achievements Ca-ching!
Bear Apocalypse Terminate a dozen (12) bears in a single blow.
Achievements BearApocalypse
Royal Welcome Build your first Castle.
Achievements RoyalWelcome
Upper-Upper Class Build your first Super Mansion using 4 or more houses.
Achievements Upper-UpperClass
Walking on Air Build your first Sky Castle.
Achievements WalkingonAir
Kings before Dukes Build your first Super Castle using 4 or more Mansions.
Achievements KingsbeforeDukes
Triple Castle Build your first Floating Triple Castle ... the pinnacle of civilization!
Achievements TripleCastle
Showoff Build your first Super-Sky-Castle using four or more castles (yeah, yeah, we know you're good at this!)
Achievements Showoff

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