bjects occupy a single tile in your town.  Many Objects are also Items.  They can be created and combined through the combination of other Items and Objects but they can not be placed after the House.

Also note that while Bears and Ninja Bears occupy tiles in your town:  they are not considered Objects because the tile they occupy changes with each turn.

Grass Based ObjectsEdit

The following is a list of Objects that can be created with enough Grass.

Object Level Image
Grass. 1.
Grass 1
Bush. 2.
Bush - Triple Town
Super Bush 1
Tree. 3.
Tree 1
Super Tree 1
Hut. 4.
Hut 1
Super Hut 1
House. 5.
House 1
Super House 1
Mansion. 6.
Mansion 1
Super Mansion 1
Castle. 7.
Castle - Triple Town
Super Castle - Triple Town
Floating Castle. 8.
Floating Castle - Triple Town
4 castle icon
Triple Castle. 9.
No Image pic

Non-Grass Based ObjectsEdit

These Objects lead to the Large Chest.

1.Bear/Tombstone based Objects.

Object Level Image
Tombstone. 1.
Tombstone 1
Church. 2.
Church 1
Cathedral. 3.
Cathedral 1
Chest. 4.
Large Chest. 5.
Large chest

2.Crystal/Rock  based Objects.

Object Level Image
Rock. 1.
Rock 1
Mountain. 2.
Mountain 1
Chest. 3.
Large Chest. 4.
Large chest

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