Grass 1
Grass is the most common Item in the game appearing ~60% of the time. It can be formed into various complex Objects. Placing a Grass Item is worth 5 Points thus using an Imperial Bot on a Grass will cost you 5 points. If you place 3 Grass adjacent to each other, they form a Bush . If you place 4 or more Grass next to each other, they form a Super Bush, which gives more points. Grass, as with other objects, can be used to trap Bears.
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Bush - Triple Town

Amount needed to form other tilesEdit

Most objects are formed by placing 3 of the next object down together, so the amount of Grass needed follows the powers of three up until the Triple Castle, which requires placing 4 Floating Castles together. This chart shows how much Grass is needed to form other objects, assuming that you do not use any Crystals or other objects.

Object Grass Needed
Bush. 3
Grass 1
Tree. 9
Grass 1
Hut. 27
Grass 1
House. 81
Grass 1
Mansion. 243
Grass 1
Castle. 729
Grass 1
Floating Castle. 2187
Grass 1
Triple Castle. 8748
Grass 1


Store (Facebook)Edit

$ $
Item Cost Image
Grass. 50
Coins - Triple Town
Grass 1

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